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We employ only the best ASE Master Certified Auto Technicians. Our technicians have been with us for more than 20 years and have the required training, certification, and experience to troubleshoot even the most complex car problems.

Successful auto diagnosis is all about adopting an organized diagnostic approach. As similar symptoms can result from problems in different vehicle components, arriving at an accurate diagnosis is a complex task. But not for our technicians — they pride themselves on being masters of providing a quick and accurate diagnosis.



Fixing the underlying issues in the first attempt is as important, if not more, as correct diagnosis. Thanks to several decades of experience, our technicians are adept in fixing whatever issue is plaguing your car. Whether you need to rebuild the engine, repair the fuel inject system, fix the vehicle alignment, or some other service, we do it all without the fuss.

You can depend on us to provide services tailor-made to your needs. Our rates are reasonable. We fix your car without making a hole in your pocket.

By provide the same high-standard and range of services as your car dealer but at reduced rates, our customer service is exemplary and we provide our customers a comfortable waiting room and a local free shuttle. We even offer a towing service if your vehicle is immobile.

When it comes to cars and light trucks, we've done it all!


Timing belt ensures proper timing and operation of the engine valves, which in turn facilitates smooth functioning of car’s engine. Our diagnostics-repair services include professional timing belt replacement by trained mechanics.


We are experts in providing electrical/electronic repair services for vehicles. We provide you with effective electrical repair and diagnostics services to ensure that your vehicle functions smoothly. Contact us to learn more about our services.


If the service engine light is on, it indicates that there is some problem with your vehicle and it needs to be repaired immediately. Our professionals will detect the issue that caused the check engine light to activate and resolve the repair or maintenance issues


Proper functioning of brakes is very important to ensure a safe drive. We have expertise to troubleshoot problems that you may face with the ABS brakes of your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


If you face a problem with the power seat of your vehicle, you need to take the professional help to resolve the issue. Whether it is a power seat of a hatchback, a SUV or even a sedan, we have a right mix of power seat diagnosis and repair services for almost every car. Our years of experience in the business ensure that we provide effective services to resolve the issue instantly.


A well-tuned engine ensures that your car functions smoothly. Our team of professionals have the expertise to deal with any kind of issue that you may face with your car’s engine. We have years of experience in car repair and diagnosis and know exactly what it takes for engine repair/rebuild. We use quality parts to repair and enhance the life of the engine.


Your vehicle is an embodiment of complex parts and systems. If any of the parts malfunction, it is advisable to leave it for the experts to detect the issue. We have an in-house team of experts with years of experience in car diagnostics and repair including charging system repair.


Emissions testing has become mandatory in almost every state. If your car has failed the emission test, it we can help you out. We diagnose and repair the emission system of your vehicle to ensure that your vehicle clears the emission test.


Our professional heating system repair services includes repairing and diagnosing the cooling system of your vehicle. We have an in-house team of trained and certified mechanics committed to provide hassle-free services. Call us today if your heating system is not working properly.


Concourse Auto Service provides professional fuel injection system repair. Our fuel injection system repair service includes cleaning the air induction and fuel injection of your vehicle. We are committed to provide effective diagnostic services to enhance performance, increase mileage, and reduced emissions of your vehicle.


The power door lock of your vehicle may malfunction at any point of time. If you need to repair the power door lock of your vehicle, we are here to help you out. We have expert professionals who are equipped with right skills and knowledge to provide advanced power door lock repair services.


If you notice there is fluid under your car, you need to get the transmission system checked by a professional. Our technicians are well experienced to diagnose the common transmission problems and repair them in no time.


The air conditioning system wears out over the time due to regular usage. Visit us if the air conditioning system of your vehicle is not working properly. Our technicians will detect the issue and repair it to ensure that the air conditioning system of your vehicle functions smoothly.


Vehicle alignment increases fuel efficiency, maximizes the life of your tires and ensures your safety. We check the direction and angle of the wheels and correct the alignment if there is an issue.


Cooling system ensures that the your car’s engine is not overheated to enable your car to run smoothly. The components of cooling system may wear out with time and need replacement. Our professionals are experienced to diagnose and also repair the components of your cooling system such as the radiator, belts, thermostat and water pump.


If the speedometer of your vehicle is not working smoothly,you need to get it repaired immediately. A well functioning of speedometer is very important to ensure that your vehicle stays within the speed limit stipulated by traffic rules. Contact us today to get your speedometer tested and fixed.

Automotive manufacturers ensure owner satisfaction by scheduling regular maintenance. A well maintained vehicle performs better and lasts longer. This is why specific operations to be performed on various systems and components are outlined beforehand. Maintenance tasks recommended at specific mileage levels are needed to ensure proper operation of the vehicle and to prevent premature wear of different car components.

Whether you need to maintain air filtration to improve gas mileage or keep the brakes working, our technicians are here for you. If you are looking for advanced car maintenance and repair services in the DFW, we are here to help.

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