Polite, listened, knowledgeable, and execute. What more can you ask for.

5 Concourse Automotive 2/22/2018

Please check out the O LA LA review I gave you on Facebook! Mentioned.Didn't need my car to Jayne...only to get Medicines for my cold. Well, to my awe.. Car delivered with Dayquil/Nyquil! Who does that? Concourse Automotive. Already, a friend will bring in her car when she needs repairs! Thank You

5 Concourse Automotive 2/21/2018

No appointment, but service was fast (and faster than promised) and hassle free.

5 Concourse Automotive 2/20/2018

Excellent service at a fair price !

5 Concourse Automotive 2/18/2018

Concourse automotive is honest about whether you need car maintenance on a specific item or you don't need it at this time. The mechanics are very experienced. If you do have a problem, they will even show you the part or parts needing to be replaced. I feel very comfortable taking my business to Concourse. David

5 Concourse Automotive 2/18/2018

Trevor is awesome! My experience has always been a good one!

5 Concourse Automotive 2/17/2018

Always great service never more than what's required.

5 Concourse Automotive 2/16/2018

I have trusted a variety of my vehicles to Concourse over the past 13 years. They have always suggested only the work that needs to be done and have always been cost effective. This experience was exactly what I have come to expect.

5 Concourse Automotive 2/16/2018

Always professional give good reasonable and reliable service. Been a customer for probably 20 years,

5 Concourse Automotive 2/13/2018

Great service. They drove me home when I dropped off my car and had it fixed in about 3 hours.

5 Concourse Automotive 2/13/2018